Tax & Residency

Gibraltar, as an EU member, offers businesses the opportunity to carry out their trade in a politically stable jurisdiction offering EU membership and the advantages this brings, with a competitive corporate tax regime all in a ‘user friendly’ environment. Read more on the advantages here.

Advantages to doing business from Gibraltar

  • 10% corporate tax rate
  • No tax on; Capital Gains, Gifts, Wealth, Estate
  • No VAT
  • EU member – Able to take advantage of EU Directives
  • Well Regulated jurisdiction – Recognised by OECD, IMF, etc.
  • Speed to market
  • Cost effective
  • Legal system based on the Common Law and statute law of England & Wales
  • Gibraltar’s Residency

Gibraltar’s Residency

With no capital gains tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax, and Residency benefits for the HNWI and skilled individuals, Gibraltar attracts a number of professionals and families, looking to settle down in a warmer climate.

Category 2 Status

  • Advantages Taxed under the Allowance Based System C
  • Capped at £80,000 worldwide income
  • Maximum tax liability £28,360
  • Minimum tax liability £22,000


  • Assets in excess of £2,000,000
  • Curriculum Vitae detailing qualifications, source of wealth and income
  • Two references (one from a Banker confirming assets held)
  • Passport copy
  • Proof of approved ownership/rental of property locally

Higher Executive Possessing Specialised Skills (HEPSS)

  • Capped at £120,000 on attributable income
  • Taxed under the Gross Income Based System (GIB)
  • Status is available to employees of all companies


  • Has not been resident in Gibraltar during the proceeding three years
  • Relevant skills must be deemed to be of exceptional economic
  • Value to Gibraltar
  • Conditions on residential accommodation apply

For more detailed information on Gibraltar Tax and Residency please seek advice from our recommended legal partners the Fiduciary Group

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