Buyers Guide

The following information is intended as a guideline only for persons wishing to purchase property in Gibraltar. We recommend you always seek independent professional advice when thinking about buying property in Gibraltar.

Once you have chosen the property in Gibraltar you wish to buy and assuming your finances are in place, we can offer help in arranging meetings with a financial consultant or can introduce you to lending institutions, here on the rock of Gibraltar. The next stage in the process is to pay a 2% deposit either to the estate agent or the developer.

The Gibraltar land upon which all modern developments in Gibraltar are built, is owned by the Government of Gibraltar, which grants a Head Lease to the Development Company for 150 years. This in turn grants an Under Lease to the purchaser.

There are also many older style Gibraltar properties within the town area, held on a freehold basis, although historically these are more difficult to raise finance for.

The next stage is to instruct a surveyor to survey the property, to protect yourself. Plus a bank or building society will insist on this for valuation for mortgage purposes. The Purchase Costs normal rule of thumb consist of legal fees minimum 0.5% and 1% of the full purchase price.


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The Stamp duty up to £200,000 is nil.

First time buyers in Gibraltar benefit from paying no stamp duty if the property purchase price is below £260,000. 

£200,000 up to £350,000 on the first £250,000 2% on the balance of £100,000 5.5%

£350,001 on the first £350,000 3% on the balance at 3.5%.

For more detailed Information on buying and doing business in Gibraltar and Gibraltar Residency requirements, please seek advice from our recommended legal partners the Fiduciary Group.

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